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Female, 17 years old
Birthdate: 12/15/2007
NoHome Life Sponsored
YesSchool Life Sponsored

Biography last updated: 11-Apr-2024

Hello! My name is Monika. I am a student in grade 10 of high school. I live with my grandmother, my uncle and aunt three cousins (two boys and a girl). I am the first child in the family. My father is a soldier and my mother is a seller. When I am at home with my family, I love to help my grandma to cook, sweep the floor, do my homework, play with my sister and read the book.
In my family, we feed some dogs, cats, ducks, and chickens and plant the vegetables and trees are bananas, lemongrasses, herbs and cactuses. We get the water from water pipe and rain water (Rainy Season).

At SC school I love learning English, reading the book, and helping my teacher to clean the library. At SC my friends and I love to play basketball, draw the picture, and read the book in the library. I can learn how to read in English, drawing a picture, typing English and Khmer Unicode in the computer Lab, do research what I wonder after I learn with my teacher. One way that I am a strong learner is that I can read English text and lesson well, do homework and exercise, most of words I can read all. In my SC library, I am interested in learning more about the read science book and story book, research and play a fun game with my teacher.

Teacher’s special comments
Hello! I am Em Laiheang an English teacher of Monika. I take notice that Monika is an active student in my classroom. She loves to pays attention during I teaching her. She is a kindness girl with her sharing as idea, discussion and other things. She always respects the school regulation and helps me a lot if I ask her. She loves to ask the question relate with the lesson if she doesn’t understand. She studies hard and does all assignments that I give to her. Monika is a model girl in the class, she has a good manner and never makes me disappoint with her too. Monika lives with his grandmother, two cousins (two boys) and her younger sister. She comes from the poor family and hard. Her parents live and work at the far province from her and long time they will visit her too.
Finally I am so happy to be her teacher because she makes me happy and her friends in the classroom too. I will help her to reach her wish for her future goal. Thank you!

Monika KHUN
Monika KHUN
Monika KHUN
Monika KHUN
Monika KHUN
Monika KHUN