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Female, 15 years old
Birthdate: 06/01/2009
YesHome Life Sponsored
YesSchool Life Sponsored

Biography last updated: 02-Apr-2024

Hello! My name is Mary, I am a student in grade 9 of Secondary School. I live with my parents. I am a second child in the family. My father is a village chief and my mother is a garment worker. When I am at home with my family I like helping to  do house works such as clean house, cook rice, wash dishes. In my family I feed some chickens and plant the vegetables we plant are pumpkin, okra, sugar cane, cassava, and some herbs. My family get the water from water pipe and raining  water( Rainy season)

Here are the activities that I really enjoy learning/doing at SC school, I enjoy learning English, computer, and play with classmates. I can learn how to learn English fast because I learn English at SC school, it has five hour per week and State School has three hours per week, in total is 8 hours per week. At SC school, I listen carefully to teacher’s explanations in class, and I do a lot of class book’s practice exercises. One way that I am strong learner is that I can improve on reading, listening, writing, and speaking in English because I try hard in it. Now I like studying English as much as I can. 

In my SC library, I am interested in learning more about painting and reading the interesting books. I love reading the fiction books because it make me do the imagination with the story when I am reading.