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Female, 14 years old
Birthdate: 06/01/2009
YesHome Life Sponsored
YesSchool Life Sponsored

Biography last updated: 01-May-2021

Hello! My name is Mary. I am a student in grade 6th at primary state school. In my family there are 5 members. My father is a chief village and my mother is a factory worker. I have no brothers and have 3 sisters and I am the second child. My daily activities at home are cooking the rice and food with my family. Every day, I arrived school by bike. My favorite animal is dog because it is lovely and can help and play with me. My family pet is dog. When I am at home with my parents I love to listen my parent giving advice because they want me to be a good student and good person in the society. 

I really like studying at Sustainable Cambodia because there are many subjects such as Khmer, math, art, computer research and have a lot of books to read and especially I can relax my brain. My favorite subject at state school is math because it makes me strong with calculating and have a good skill too. My favorite kind books is fairy tale because it can educates us what’s it wrong, what it’s right, comedian and some story is sadness. During my free time in SC school I like to read the books and play with my friend. And when I grow up I want to be a nurse because I want to help the patients and develop our country.