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Male, 13 years old
Birthdate: 04/19/2008
NoHome Life Sponsored
YesSchool Life Sponsored

Biography last updated: 29-Mar-2021

Hello! My name is Vynarut. I am a student in grade 7th at secondary state school. In my family there are five people. They are my mother, my father, two brothers and me, and I am the second child in my family. My father’s work is a policeman and my mother’s work is a housewife. My daily activities at home are read books, play game and look after my brother. Every day I go to school by bike and my favorite animal is dog because it is clever and its color so cute. My family pets are chicken. When I am at home with my parents, I love to read books and do my homework because my parents love to read and I want to be a good child for them.

I really like studying at sustainable Cambodia because I can study English and computer further more I can meet new friends and happy with library. My favorite subject in state school is Math because it’s easy to think about the number and make me to think faster. As a student, I am strong in this way I’m good at writing, do homework and draw the pictures and try to study hard. My favorite kinds of books to read are about novel books. I like these books because it makes me happy and get new knowledge. During my free time in SC school, I like to clean my school like prepare some books in library. In our SC research computer class, I am excited to learn how to type and research in computer. I want to learn more about this work as a teacher because I want to share my knowledge to children and earn some money for support my family.

Vinarut VET
Vinarut VET
Vinarut VET
Vinarut VET