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Female, 16 years old
Birthdate: 08/14/2008
YesScholarship Sponsored

Biography last updated: 15-May-2024

Hello my name is Sokkeng.  I went to study far from home. It was the first time I felt I wanted to spend more time with my family. I stay far from home. I have to cook and be responsible for everything on my own. I miss my family so much. 

I am studying at Asia Europe University and I am taking Computer Science. I am in year 2. The reason I chose IT as a major in AEU is because it is a school of IT teachers; they got Ph.D.s from abroad as IT professionals. Moreover, they have good quality in sharing good experiences of teaching with the latest technology. It was so much fun and I made some more new friends at the same time too. 

Every day I live in a rented house with my older sister and when I go to school I ride a motorbike. The activities I enjoy doing when I have no class are doing the work assigned by the teacher on time, helping cooking for my sister, clean the dishes and sometime I go to the market to buy some more stuff to cook for the next day.
Sokkeng SONG
Sokkeong SONG
Sokkeong SONG