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Male, 12 years old
Birthdate: 05/24/2010
NoHome Life Sponsored
YesSchool Life Sponsored

Biography last updated: 22-Mar-2021

Hello!  My name is Chansophea, I'm 9 years old. I am a student in grade 5th at Primary State School. There are four people in my family. I have two siblings. I am the second child and the first child is my older brother. My father is a Moto-Taxi driver. My mother is a garment worker. When I am at my home, I cook rice, wash my clothes, feed animals like chicken and buffaloes and play with my brother. Sometimes I help my parents’ works. I go to school with my father by motorbike every day. My favorite animal is a dog because the dog can guard around the house and help people. My family pets are 2 dogs and 3 buffaloes and more than 10 chickens. I love my pets. When I am at home with my parents I help to saw the dead logs for cooking, water the vegetables in the garden, listen to my dad talking about comics or he checks my homework. 

I enjoy studying at Sustainable Cambodia because I can study free of charge in all subjects. SC school is the best for learning English. I want to study English and speak it well in the future. Especially, I can meet the native speaker of English to practices. At State School I like Math subject because it improved me in calculating fast. I like to read the comics because it makes fun with education together. In the free times at SC school I usually love to read books or draw picture in library. I also like playing in the school playground with classmates and friends. A song I really like is about Khmer traditional song. When I grow up I want to be a Math teacher because I want to teach the kids like my teacher is teaching me in the present. 

Chansophea Saman
Chansophea Saman
Chansophea Soman
Chansophea Soman