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Male, 12 years old
Birthdate: 02/18/2011
YesHome Life Sponsored
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Biography last updated: 23-Mar-2021

Hello!  My name is Soksophea. I am a student in grade 5th at Primary State School. There are 3 members in my family. My father is a motorbike fixer. My mother is a seller. I have no sister and brother. I am a first child (only me). When I am at my home I wash plates, bowls, pots, I cook rice, read books. I arrive at school by motorbike with my father. My favorite animal is dog because the dog is kind, clever and it guards security at my home. My family pets are cats and many chickens. When I am at home with my parents I love to play with them and sometimes we go to eat dinner outside. 

I really like studying at Sustainable Cambodia because SC provide me a great opportunity to study more and more in English, Khmer, computer, research and Especially I’ve learned before State school in Math and Khmer.  At State School I like Khmer subject because it is easier of learning for me. I like to read the fairy tales because I can read easily then I share and tell to my friends too. In the free times at SC school I like to play football with my friends. When I grow up I want to be a Khmer teacher because this occupation is the first goal of my purpose. 

Soksophea Meas
Soksophea Meas
Soksophea Meas
Soksophea Meas