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Female, 11 years old
Birthdate: 01/07/2010
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Biography last updated: 28-Mar-2021

Hello! My name is Phaktra Minea. I am a girl who studies in grade 5th at Primary School. In my family there are five people. They are my father, my mother, my brother, sister and me. I am the first child in my family. My father is a farmer and my mother is a farmer too. My daily activities at home are reading and doing exercise. Every day, I get to school by bike. My favorite animal is rabbit because I love its color. My family pets are dog and cat. When I am at home with my parents, I love to talk about my study because my parents always ask me about my study.

I really like studying at Sustainable Cambodia because there are many good teacher including foreigner teachers and I come from poor family and my family cannot afford my study and I have heard the students who study there have opportunity to study at university and get good salary. My Favorite subject in State School is Grammar because I want to be a Grammar teacher. As a student, I am strong in this way I really like reading grammar books. My favorite kinds of books to read are about Khmer grammar and English grammar books. I like these books because they’re improve me to know clearly about how to use grammar properly. During my free time in SC school, I like reading books science history. In our SC research computer class, I am excited to learn how to study about grammar and doing some exercises. I want to learn more about Grammar teacher because I want to help Cambodian young generation about grammar or they can publish some grammar books selling at the market.

Minea Pheaktra
Minea Pheaktra