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A Gift of Chickens

A gift of chickens brings a multitude of benefits:

Chickens are very important additions to a Cambodian family. Chicken eggs help to provide important protein for the children and family, protein which is often lacking in Cambodian diets. And eggs and chickens can provide critically needed family income at the local market. In the vegetable garden, chickens eat harmful bugs, scratch up the soil and enrich it with droppings, contributing to the family's vegetable crop. Chicks mature in 18-20 weeks, and then will lay about one egg per day.

Like all Village Gifts through Sustainable Cambodia, this gift will be pooled and used to support the empowerment-based Community Development programs. These programs become self-sustaining through the pass-on process, through which the gift will continue for years to come... the family can feed themselves, and the family soon becomes a "donor family" themselves, as they will pass on chickens or other animals to nearby families, who then do the same. Because Sustainable Cambodia operates on under 3% admin & fundraising costs, and those costs are provided by the founders and directors, every penny of this contribution will be used directly in the villages to empower village families. And it all starts with this gift of chickens!

Gift of Chickens  US$25
Chickens for a Village (10 families)  US$250

Give a gift of chickens!
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