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A Gift of Cows

A gift of a cow works to benefit villagers:

Cows are the most coveted resource for rural Cambodian families. In the rice fields, villagers must manually pull a plow through hard-packed clay to get a rice paddy ready for planting, or they pay a great deal to rent a cow. It can take more than a solid week of back-breaking labor to plow the same plot of land that a cow can plow in less than a day. And cow manure acts as a natural and readily available fertilizer for the crops, improving crop yield even on days the cow is resting.

Through a cow, a family can be empowered to feed themselves through increased food production, and to generate critically needed family income. The cow is shared among 5 families, used by all and bred annually. As calves are born each family becomes a "donor family", with the families passing on ownership of the calves among themselves. Eventually the group (a "Self Help Group") passes on a calf to a new Self Help Group. So your gift keeps giving... eventually helping an entire community in moving from poverty to self-reliance.

Like all Village Gifts through Sustainable Cambodia, this gift will be pooled and used to support the empowerment-based Community Development programs. These programs become self-sustaining through the pass-on process, through which the gift will continue for years to come as families become donors themselves. And all the empowerment begins with this gift!

Share of a Cow  US$100
Gift of a Cow  US$800

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