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A Gift of Ducks

A gift of ducks quacks of benefits!

Ducks are one of the many family empowerment programs used in Village Development by Sustainable Cambodia. Duck eggs help to provide protein for Cambodian children and families. Protein is often lacking in Cambodian diets, and protein deficiency is a primary cause of malnutrition and disease. And ducks are the perfect solution for many families: Foraging ducks roam the family garden, eating harmful bugs and leaving behind fertilizer which helps to improve crop yield.

Ducks provide empowerment to families in several ways: Eggs can be sold at market, providing an important source of income for the family. Ducklings mature at about 19 weeks, and then will lay between four to seven eggs per week.

These programs become self-sustaining through the pass-on process, through which this gift will continue for years to come. Not only will the family feed themselves, the family will also become a "donor family" as they will pass on ducks or other animals to neighboring families, who then do the same. And all this empowerment begins with this gift of ducks!

Gift of a Flock of Ducks  US$25
Ducks for a Village (10 families)  US$250

Give a gift of ducks!
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