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A Gift of Water

The gift of water keeps giving for years to come:

Two-thirds of rural Cambodians do not have access to clean water. Many families have no alternative but to drink dirty water from scum-covered retaining ponds or must carry water in plastic containers from rivers that are kilometers away. Children are traditionally the primary water carriers in the family and often cannot attend school as it may take all day to carry water to their homes. A well, pond or rainwater catchment system can change all of this.

When clean water is available in a community, the whole village is transformed. Health and hygiene are vastly improved. This gift can help provide a well, or a community water pond and biosand filters, or a rooftop rainwater harvesting system. With a plentiful source of clean water, opportunities for vegetable gardens, fishponds and livestock will benefit the whole community, eliminating hunger and providing resources for economic development. And children can quickly gather water from the community well and still have time to attend school - becoming the foundation for a better Cambodia.

Like all Village Gifts through Sustainable Cambodia, this gift will be pooled and used to support the empowerment-based Community Development programs. These programs become self-sustaining through the pass-on process, through which the gift will continue for years to come as families become donors themselves, helping neighboring villages to install water systems. And all this empowerment starts with this gift of water....

Share of a Well or Water Project  US$100
Gift of a Well or Water Project  US$1500

Give a gift of water!
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